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Ink Collision

Client: Tapestry

Categories: Art direction, digital, film, photography

Working with the photography team at Tapestry, I lead on the concept and art directed the photo and video shoot, for Tapestry’s forthcoming website. 

Tapestry was born during the ink and paper era of the print industry, and as they branch out into new digital medias, Tapestry will always remember how far they have come. The new visual shows two ink squirts colliding to create a spectacular bloom of colour and clouds. The two colours used are based on the companies primary colour palette.


To create the ink bloom we went very traditional with our methods, we armed ourselves with a fish tank full of water, a few syringes of ink and a crafty bit of editing. In the studio, we created custom ‘syringe holding blocks’ to ensure the ink collided at the same height. We set up our very swanky phase one camera and all that was needed now was a well co-ordinated 3... 2... 1... and a good squeeze on the syringes. Beautiful.

With the video footage all filmed, we handed it over to the Video Production team, who colour graded the image to bring out a deeper colour and accentuate the shadows and highlights of the clouds. 

The ink clip personifies Tapestry’s heritage, which they are very proud of, hence its home on the landing page.

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