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Brand Identity

Client: Placenta Care

Categories: Logo design, branding, packaging, typography, print

Louise Johnson an IPEN Certified Remedies Specialist was looking for a brand identity that was in line with the core business of Placenta remedies but also stood out from her competitors. Placenta encapsulation, a natural remedy for postpartum mums for the recovery stage after birth and beyond.
After taking Placenta capsules and other forms of remedies associated with her own Placenta and feeling the benefits Louise decided she wanted to make a difference in the way mothers feel after giving birth. This is where Placenta Care was born. 


After extensive research into the world of Placenta's and other specialists within this sector, we developed and created initial concepts and decided that Louise's brand would benefit from an icon/symbol that would represent the bond between a mother and her baby. This is where the elephants came into play and created a baby within the mother's body shaped out of a negative.


The colours chosen were soft but also had a clean and clinical feel towards them. Due to many different forms of packaging and advertising that will need to be created going forward, a logo identity that was flexible but also consistent to work across different media was one of the most important aspects to focus on from the initial brief. 


Louise was pleased with the outcome and has had a great response from clients to date.

"Steve undertook a branding project for my new business venture. He listened to my requirements and incorporated a full brand identity using the colour palette I was keen on. He produced beautiful designs for all packaging, logo, business cards and marketing collateral and assisted with the print management/quotations. Steve is a great communicator and a very skilled graphic designer whom I wouldn't hesitate to recommend."



Placenta Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
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