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Packaging and Identity Design 

Client: Hampi, Exotic Fruit Snacks

Categories: Logo design, branding, typography, packaging

Hampi in Quechua, the ancient language of The Inkas from South America means; To heal. 


Guanábana or Soursop originally from Central and South America is a large, green, prickly tropical fruit considered a superfood in the world for its high nutritional value and all the benefits it provides for human health, especially its antioxidants, fibre, calcium and vitamin C.


The USP - Combining superfruits with a technology (High-Pressure Processing) that keeps the food 100% natural after the packaging process.


Hampi required an organic approach regarding the brand with an underlined representation of the culture for farming in Colombia. The pillars of this were visually achieved by the use of selected fonts, imagery (including black and white), colourways and textured recyclable backgrounds.

The Sun icon incorporated into the Hampi logo took influence from the 'Aztec Sun Warrior’ which was part of the Maya and Inca culture between 1345 and 1533 and extended across Western-Southern America.

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