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Infographic Map

Client: UKIE

Categories: Infographic, typography, print

UKIE were in the process of developing the UK's first interactive, real-time map of the UK games industry. Whilst working at Tapestry I produced an infographic map to compliment their new offering.


The map is a complete dataset of the geography of the UK games sector, charting the size, scale, and growth of the UK games industry. The reason behind such a large project is to promote local networking, encourage skill sharing, build links between talent and highlight the clusters, trends and patterns in growth to investors.


UKIE required the map to be printed A2. I based this around the concept of a fold-out infographic which included Unique Selling Points and graphs.


Taking reference from something so in-depth and interactive and trying to represent this visually in 2D was no easy task. Using the current brand guidelines I evolved and developed the brand to ensure the infographic was engaging and shared to a wider audience.


The 2D printed infographic was a success at the UKIE AGM and EGX 2016 and was a complete reflection to the dataset online interactive map.



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