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Brand Identity

Client: Serafino

Categories: Logo design, branding, packaging, typography, print, digital,

Boot Technologies were looking to take their new football boot to market and had some fairly aggressive timelines to boot!


Serafino is a brand that needed to stand out from the crowd. The primary objective was to raise awareness of the brand and encourage potential consumers and investors to view the website, sign up to trial sessions of the boots and to gather information on the investment opportunity. It was, therefore, imperative that we created a brand that represented the football boot and worked across all media.


We looked to create a mark that could stand the test of time and sit next to leading brands in the market. We customised the font for the wording 'Serafino' that complimented the mark that we had developed.


Aesthetics of the boot design was put in place, which leads to working for long hours on sculpting the boot to be on brand and consistent with every other part of the Serafino 4th Edge project.


As the lead designer working closely with the team, we carefully selected the yellow and black colourways to represent that 'sting in the tail'. A deadly football boot that has the venom to release the potential of the player wearing it.


The creation of the sub-brand or boot name, represented in the ‘4th Edge’, also had to compliment the product and the Serafino logo itself.


Once the branding and aesthetics of the boot were signed off, the team were able to produce and roll out across a range of additional collateral and merchandise e.g. Banners, promotional leaflets, corporate stands, t-­shirts, fleeces etc


As the creative direction took shape, the digital studio began to develop the website solution, which was to house information about the boot for potential investors and an opportunity for the consumers to sign­‐up for a free trial session. The website design adhered to the web guidelines created at the outset of the project.



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