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Identity Design

Client: Different Class Ltd

Categories: Logo design, Branding, Typography

Different Class Ltd will be introduced into the primary school sector, to begin with (this is subject to broaden as the brand develops!). A learning mentor-based service with the underlying philosophy of building trust and a relationship between the mentor and the families. Everything will be centred around the child's wellbeing and understanding of how they feel. Bespoke plans will be written for the children depending on the area of education they need help with.


This was an inspiring project to be involved in to create a brand that helps with the wellbeing and feelings of a child through the educational process based on a one to one.

The brief was to make a positive visual connection from the mentor to the child and not overcomplicate the design. Using two figures shaped negatively out of the 'D' lent itself to a symbol that would be implemented across the brand identity.

The 3 colourways represented boy (purple), girl (pink) and of course the mentor (light blue). The complimentary colours have been used to create backgrounds for brand identity and advertising campaigns based on the symbol's curves.

"Steve was extremely engaging and thoughtful throughout the whole process and I enjoyed working with him. His attention to detail is excellent and he took a real interest in the brand/idea I am developing. I highly recommend hiring Steve if you want to achieve a relevant, personable and high-quality brand."

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